Revenge of the Writer

In the newest episode of “Zero Days Without a Star Wars Reference” I am joined by my friend and fellow writer Saundra Hall, and we break down the many tropes of character deaths.

To be perfectly honest, we barely scratched the surface on this subject, and I think it will require several follow up episodes to go more in depth into the various tropes that have become deeply ingrained in storytelling. We spend a lot of time on the Death of the Mentor and talking about the advantages and pitfalls in killing off characters to further the story.

One trope that we only barely covered and absolutely deserves an entire episode of its own is Fridging, in which female characters (generally girlfriends/wives) are killed off for shock value and to give the hero angst. This trope was also logged extensively in Gail Simone’s website Women in Refrigerators.

This is definitely a subject I will return to in the future.

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