Fandom and Shipping

Well, we did the thing. My friends Courtney and Gizelle joined me on a suicide mission into the most dangerous territory of all… Shipping.

To give a little background, this all started with an incident we learned about through Twitter in which fans of a popular animated show were granted a tour of the animation studio, then took pictures and posted them online, demanding their ship become canon in the show.

Needless to say, this was a crappy thing to do, not to mention useless since the animation studio only animates the show, it doesn’t create storylines. Also (additional background on animation) it takes over a year from conception to completion to create an episode of animation, not to mention the length of time before it airs, so changing the story would’ve been a moot point to begin with. Anyway, it became a jumping off point for the whole discussion.

We go pretty in depth into the definition of shipping and what it means to fans, as well as the increasingly closer relationship creators have to their fans due to social media.

And as usual, our discussion went very long and off topic at times, so I unfortunately had to cut a lot out. We still manage to cover everything from Pride and Prejudice to Avatar: The Last Airbender to even the finale of How I Met Your Mother.

A rare behind the scenes look at our very serious shipping discussion.

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