The Almighty Twist

Let’s be clear. I like a good twist. Twists can be fun. Twists get you to look at the story from a new perspective. I enjoy being surprised by a story. However, twists can also get exhausting. Twists can come from out of nowhere. Some twists, the worst kind of twists can be totally boring because you knew there was probably a twist coming and it would’ve been better off not.

So, how do we solve a problem like a plot twist? Not an easy task.
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Movie Mondays: Phantom of the Paradise

Welcome back to Movie Mondays, my semi-regular feature where I write about movies I haven’t seen before (no matter how old). This week, I have some things to say about a movie that has been around for a while, is apparently a cult classic by a well-known filmmaker, and I only even heard about it for the first time recently. If you follow me on Twitter, you will of course know my new obsession that is The Phantom of the Paradise.

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