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Welcome to my little corner of the game grid. You may know me from my work in animation and uncanny ability to murderize beloved cartoon robots. Professionally I’ve had the privilege of writing for Nickelodeon, Hasbro, and Disney, among others. And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see me rant about movies a lot.

Inside, you’ll find more of my projects including my webseries and short films, a fiction section featuring short stories, and please follow my blog, which will cover whatever strikes me at the moment.

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The Almighty Twist

Let’s be clear. I like a good twist. Twists can be fun. Twists get you to look at the story from a new perspective. I enjoy being surprised by a story. However, twists can also get exhausting. Twists can come from out of nowhere. Some twists, the worst kind of twists can be totally boring because you knew there was probably a twist coming and it would’ve been better off not.

So, how do we solve a problem like a plot twist? Not an easy task.
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