From a Certain Point of View

Back by popular demand, Courtney joins me again this week, and we talk all about point of view in storytelling. Specifically, the difference between the subject of a story and through whose point of view a story is told.

We go through a wide range of examples, including how A New Hope is about Luke’s journey but is told from the point of the droids, a reference back to my first episode in which I discussed The Hidden Fortress. We also got into the Harry Potter series, which is almost entirely (with a few very specific exceptions) written from Harry’s P.O.V.; Dune (both the novel and the David Lynch movie), which is written from everyone’s P.O.V.; and the now classic video game Knights of the Old Republic, delving into the trope of the unreliable narrator.

Also discussed in our recommendations segment, the outstanding Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, which is among my favorite Star Wars novels.

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